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Leah has experience writing for a variety of instrumentations, including electronics. With her background in diversity studies and linguistics, her compositions currently address a range of sociopolitical topics- including feminism and environmentalism- and language.

Leah’s works have been performed across the United States and Europe. Some of Leah’s most recent commissions include: A Liberty Bond, a flute and piano duo for Joshua Benitez, here, now, a chamber ensemble work for CORVUS through the Composing in the Wilderness program, Advice To A Girl, a choral work for the Penn State Concert Choir, and It’s a Gift, a tuba and piano piece for Dan Burdick’s The Gay Tuba Songbook project. Some of the other ensembles Leah has written for include: loadbang, Transient Canvas, and Duo Zonda.

Leah has participated in multiple new music festivals and workshops, including the Alba Music Festival, Longy’s Divergent Studio, the SPLICE Institute, Really Spicy Opera’s Libretto Workshop, and the Charlotte New Music Festival. Leah has served as a social media intern for both the Alba Music Festival and the Charlotte New Music Festival. Most recently, Leah participated in the 2022 Composing in the Wilderness Backpacking Trip. 

In 2021, Leah was the winner of the Pennsylvania Chamber Winds’ Call for Scores for her woodwind quintet, Five for Five. Likewise, her fixed media playback piece, Ritual, was selected for the 2021 National Student Electronic Music Event. 

Leah regularly collaborates in opera and theater. She has been commissioned by Chelsea Opera for their, Reimagine: Forging the future through song concert, and a mini opera, Sidewalk Serenade. Leah has also composed music for the Penn State original play, Headspace


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Check out Leah's SoundCloud or Youtube below for audio and visual recordings of her works!

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