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2021-2022 Penn State Schreyer Honors Scholar Honors Thesis Completion Event
UCD Awards Ceremony.jpeg
2022-2023 UCD Annual Awards Ceremony (Global Excellence Scholarship)
2023 Musicology in Progress Presentation with Emma Arthur


Leah regularly presents her compositions and research at conferences and university events. She has most recently presented at the 2023 Musicology in Progress Conference at the University of Pavia in Italy and will be presenting at the 2023 Uhambo Luyazilawula: Embodied Wandering Practices PSI Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa this summer.


Leah's piece those closest to the earth will burn first, has been presented at a variety of events in the United States that focus on climate change and the arts. those closest to the earth will burn first is a chamber ensemble piece for voice, clarinet, viola and marimba, in response to the social justice issues that have come to light through the climate crisis.


She has presented on those closest to the earth will burn first at Penn State’s Annual Sustainability Institute Spotlight, Bard College’s Storytelling: Winning the Climate Narrative event through the World-Wide Climate Teach-In, Penn State’s IllumiNATION art expo, and Bucknell’s 9th Annual Sustainability Symposium. Furthermore, this piece won first place in the 2022 Penn State Undergraduate research Exhibition in the Arts and Humanities category. 

Leah recently completed her undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University, where she was a Schreyer Honors Scholar. Some of her academic accolades include the first place in the 2021-2022 Penn State Undergraduate Research Exhibition in the Arts & Humanities category, the Penn State 2022 Creative Achievement Award, the Penn State 2021 Valley Family Scholarship, the 2021 Penn State School of Music Eleanor Beene Award, and the 2019 Penn State President’s Award for Academic Excellence. Furthermore, Leah was the Penn State nominee for the Marshall and Mitchell postgraduate scholarships, and the Penn State School of Music nominee for the Golumbic Scholarship in Humanistic Achievement. 

Leah has recently received her master's degree in Music and Culture at the University College Dublin. Leah has been named a Global Excellence Scholar through UCD.

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